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Soccer in Saint Louis
Soccer in Saint Louis has most of its roots in the CYC league. The Catholic Youth Council (CYC) boasts many great players over the years.
The Saint Louis Hall of Fame Home, housed at the Midwest Soccer Academy located at 5247 Fyler Avenue; Saint Louis, Missouri 63139, hosts an event in October which honors new inductees into the Saint Louis Hall of Fame.  Many of these new inductees speak of the days of growing up on the sandlots and school yards playing for hours. Parishes like St. Ambrose and St. Phillip Neri are echoed in many of the speeches, and North and Southside rivals speak of the childhood duals. 
Saint Louis boast 28 members of the National Soccer Hall of Fame, more members than any other city in the United States. Al Trost, current Parkway South Soccer Coach and former professional player and coach, was inducted into the National Hall in 2006.
St. Ambrose's and THE HILL claim Frank Borghi, Charlie Columbo, Frank "Pee Wee" Wallace, Gino Pariani as their own. These four men, along with fellow Saint Louisan, Harry Keough, were among members of the 1950's World Cup team that beat England in a stunning 1-0 upset. Harry Keough is the famous Saint Louis University Coach who lead SLU to five NCAA National Championships. The 2005 movie, Game of their Lives (aka Miracle Match), which tells their story, was filmed in Saint Louis, including the Hill neighborhood.
St. Louis is home to countless great players, however many Soccer Fans and Players know St. Louis is known for the great teams and clubs. Kutis and Busch Gardens are few of the teams to hit the national scene.
     If you love soccer in St. Louis you know about the great players who hail from SLU, Kutis and "Old Pepsi League".....  Pepsi League was hosted by the CYC it was a league for the best High Players in the area, truly the best played, players did not have to pay!!! Eight teams divided in regions!!!
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